Self-employed Loans

Our team has a successful track record in providing financial solutions to self-employed people, and we understand many of the issues self-employed people face.

Even if you have no financials or have been declined by other lenders we can assist.
If you do not have up to date financials or tax returns, a Fundsnational specialist can use alternative means to verify your income.

Running your own business is a great achievement and we understand it isn’t always plain sailing, and at times you need experts on your side.

We assist all types of self-employed business people, whether you’re a tradesperson, owner-driver or small business owner we have the experience and expertise to find a solution. We review your situation and assess your own personal and unique circumstances. Our team will then propose a strategy that best suits your needs and achieves your financial goals.

Some of the areas where we help self-employed clients:

  • Unlimited cash out for business expansion – new plant & equipment, vehicle, etc.
  • Unlimited cash out for personal use – holiday, home renovations, etc.
  • Pay out of business or personal debts
  • ATO debt

Success Story

Meet Jeff

He is a self employed and found it difficult in the early stages of growing a business to keep on top of financials and his tax obligations. With outstanding tax returns and a tax debt he was declined by the mainstream banks. We were able to secure him a new home loan that paid off the tax debt in full and provided Jeff with $50,000 for new equipment and furniture in the business.

At Fundsnational we use an individual approach and tailor a solution that takes into account your own unique circumstances.