Poor Credit / Mortgage Arrears

A bad credit history shouldn’t mean you can’t get a loan. We believe all Australians deserve the opportunity to get the right advice when looking to find a financial solution. Often a telephone or electricity bill that is simply overlooked can mean an instant black mark against your name.

We understand that financial difficulties are often a by-product of circumstances that are out of your control and may result in late payments, defaults or a judgement made against you, even bankruptcy.

A Fundsnational specialist will work with you to understand your situation, we don’t judge, and we give you an honest appraisal based on your own individual circumstances.

There are many different types of credit impairment where we can assist people get loans, including:

  • Unpaid bills
  • Late repayments
  • Mortgage arrears
  • Bad credit history – defaults, judgements, court writs, etc
  • Unpaid taxes
  • Discharged bankrupts (1 day)

Success Story

Meet James

James is an experienced school teacher who needs to refinance after a divorce.

When James was finalising his divorce he did not pay any outstanding debts until the arrangement was finalised with his ex-wife. Unfortunately, because the bills in joint ownership weren’t paid he now had 9 defaults listed on his credit file. Of these 9 defaults, 4 were for less than $500, 6 were each over $3,000 and all were unpaid.

As part of the settlement James will retain the house in his name. He had maintained the repayments on the mortgage and now wants to refinance to pay out the defaults and finalise the settlement with his ex-wife. When James went to the bank for finance it was declined due to the defaults listed on his credit file.