How It Works

While every client has a unique and challenging set of circumstances, the steps we take with each of them remain constant.


1. Complete Fact Find

With your help, we gather as much information as possible about your current situation: mortgages/home loans, credit card debts, ATO debts, assets, employment – all the nuances of your financial position. Our Documentation Checklist outlines exactly what is required, and we operate in full compliance with The NCCP Act when collecting information.

2. Assess Your Position

We develop an open, honest appraisal of your situation, breaking down your debt into its core components. We examine where the issues lie, and what our best course of action will be.

3. Develop A Solution

On your behalf, we apply for funding with favourable terms and manageable loan rates from a second-tier lender to cover your existing debt.

4. Establish A Plan and Get the Approval

With your debts consolidated into one manageable package, we will develop a plan with you to pay off the full amount, with repayments you can afford. Most loans are approved within 72 hours of application, with settlement coming soon after.

No matter how complex your situation, Fundsnational debt experts can find a solution and provide hope for the future. A Fundsnational debt consolidation plan will put you back in control of your money, and your life.