We’re here to help

We have 15 years experience building relationships with specialised funders, so we can provide more flexible approval policies than the major banks.

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Unusual Employment

We assist workers on probation, who have overtime income or are agency workers get home loans that takes into account their situation.

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You will need an ABN and our team will advise the alternative ways to verify your income, even if you cannot provide financial statements or tax returns.

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No matter how complex your situation, we can help. We tailor a solution that takes into account your unique circumstances.

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Investment / Development

We can structure your investment property loans to fit your investment goals, including developers and others to maximise your borrowing capacity.

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Poor Credit / Mortgage Arrears

Whether you have defaults on your credit file, outstanding bills or taxes or judgements against you, we can help.

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Debt Consolidation

If you have credit cards or short term loans you can reduce your interest and repayments and improve your cash flow.

How it works

While every client has a unique and challenging set of circumstances, the steps we take with each of them remain constant.

Why Us?

We are an industry leader and award winning specialist lender. With over 15 years experience we have a record that speaks for itself with over 90% success from application to settlement.

The Fundsnational philosophy is built upon providing our clients Hope, Support and a Solution.

No matter how complex your situation, we use an individual approach and tailor a solution that takes into account your own unique and sometimes trying circumstances.

While our specialised methods of finance and lending are among the most awarded in the industry, we don’t only gauge our success in terms of transactions that are approved, or the millions of dollars we have saved hundreds of Australians.

Instead, we are most proud of the hope and support we have provided for individuals and families, helping them take back control of their finances.