Debt Consolidation

If you’re paying off credit cards, personal loans or a number of short term loans with high interest rates, often we find you can significantly reduce the interest, ongoing repayments and dramatically improve your cash flow by consolidating these debts into your home loan.

Even if you currently are behind on your repayments and having difficulty in keeping up, we can help.

Our experienced loan specialists will assess your debt position, and if appropriate restructure your debts into a more manageable program. We also use the services of Choice Debt Solutions (specialist credit card negotiations), which for many clients has saved thousands of dollars.

We understand financial difficulties are often a by-product of circumstances that are out of your control. People we help with a debt consolidation include:

  • Individuals who have had a period of unemployment
  • Families where a member is recovering from a serious illness
  • Individuals going through a divorce or separation
  • People getting back on track after a failed business venture
  • Contractors
  • Families wanting to finance renovations for a growing family, swimming pools, weddings, holidays, etc.

Success Story

Meet Peter and Monique

They went into financial hardship after Peter lost his job and took out a number of short term loans. They also utilised credit cards for everyday living expenses during this stressful time. Peter is now back at work and we were able to negotiate his credit card debts and consolidate the remaining owing into one simple home loan repayment that lowered his overall interest and improved the family’s monthly cash flow saving them thousands of dollars.

At Fundsnational we use an individual approach and tailor a solution that takes into account your own unique circumstances.